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Opened in 1989 and tucked into New York City’s Flatiron/NoMad District, Noir et Blanc is a contemporary boutique for the fashion-conscious shopper in all of us!​ The store’s French-inspired essence is about sophistication, class, French chic and timelessness. Owner Deborah Koenigsberger, former model and stylist, blends sharp design and material consciousness in her hand-picked selections in response to today’s cultural influences… keeping it classic and on-trend at the same time. Shopping at Noir et Blanc is like having
a personal stylist of your very own!

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Deborah Koenigsberger, owner


"When I first met Deborah over 20 years ago, it would be very hard to imagine that I would one day become a fashionista in very chic Shanghai! From investment banker frumpy to running Conde Nast in China is also a journey I never expected or planned – and I don't think would have happened without the influence of my friend and style guru Deborah Koeingsberger.  


Deborah is fierce and demanding.  When we first met she was appalled that I wore suits a couple

of sizes too big, low heels, ugly handbags and no jewelry.  'Stop hiding that body!' she yelled at me and handed me outfits a few sizes smaller than my norm. I remember wearing one of my favorite Deborah outfits to a meeting with one of my bosses in the music industry and a few weeks later, I got the promotion that was my first big career break.  I always suspected a correlation.


From frumpy suits to chic tailored and flattering ones when suits were still the corporate norm for working women, then graduating to fabulous dresses, jeans + blazer, and heels as dress codes loosened and I moved up in my career to way more daring and experimental styles as I grew more confident – Deborah was there at every step of the way.  We had a family shopping ritual that included my mom, nieces, and friends. Whenever I tried on something form-fitting and sexy, Deborah would clap her hands with delight and say' Girl, I didn't give you that body!' and give my mother a big hug.  They were co-conspirators in upgrading my style. Joy, sorrow, love, and laughter were shared along with styling tips, accessorizing outfits, and solving the pregnancy wardrobe challenges we both faced as we both gave birth to two gorgeous boys each.  


I joined the Board of Deborah's amazing Hearts of Gold Charity and forged deeper bonds over a shared commitment to homeless children and families.  Deborah's tireless work is a true inspiration to all who know her. Kids Walks, Gala dinners, visits to shelters, shopping trips to bring holiday joy to children in need – no act of kindness and generosity was too small for Deborah to attend to personally.  


Now that my wardrobe includes a more Conde Nast range of designers and styles – I still get the most wear out of my outfits from Noir et Blanc.  I mix Celine with Transit and Givenchy with Tracy Reese and attend fashion events in head to toe looks from Deborah.  She is still my
fashion idol even though we now live across the world from each other!"

– Elizabeth Schimel

President, Conde Nast China

"Noir et Blanc is my most treasured resource for clothing and accessories in NYC. Deb selects the most fashionable, sophisticated, and beautiful clothing and accessories from around the globe with sensitivity to practicality (price point and comfort) which is essential to me.


Whether I need a piece for work, for the playground, or for a cocktail party I know that I will find exactly the right thing. As if a fabulous wardrobe wasn't enough to ask for from a boutique, Deb and Karen have taught me in the ins and outs of what looks great with what, and have helped me to understand my taste.


Thanks to Deb and Karen I now have confidence around my style that I never before possessed. I don't know what I would do without Noir et Blanc. I am so grateful to the team of special people who make every shopping experience there a pleasure in itself". 


- Sivan Baron

"I love the personal shopping experience, the merchandise selection has something for every age and body type and I always walk out feeling beautiful, fashionable and on trend! I have been shopping at Noir et Blanc for over 7 years.  I first started shopping here when I lived in Manhattan, continued to after I moved to Connecticut and now that I live on Long Island I am still coming. No matter where I live I come back and always will".

- Gladys Millman

"Over a decade ago I walked past Noir et Blanc on W. 23rd Street and recalled that a friend had mentioned it.  I went in to check it out. I surveyed the place and its offerings and landed on a thick, all-cotton, black Marithe Francois Girbaud jacket that seemed just the right combination of hip, unusual, and eye-catching.  I had to talk myself into buying it using my amortization formula that calculates the price over a specified number of years that I project wearing it. Karen was at the store and she confirmed it looked good on me – although since I had never shopped there before she did not know me or my style, and many years later told me she was wondering what it was!


I got attached to the jacket immediately. It seemed perfect for the warm weather, especially as I was always so cold on my way to work in the air-conditioned Summer subway.  So I wore it for 2 days and got several compliments. On the third day, I got into a subway car that was not air-conditioned and it was so hot, I had to take the jacket off. I put it on the seat next to me.  I was engrossed in reading the paper and almost missed my stop.  I jumped up and ran out and as the doors closed I watched my beloved new jacket abandon me – I on the platform and it in the subway car!  I was heartbroken. 


After work I went directly to the MTA Lost & Found, thinking someone might return it. But of course no.  I cried on the way home and was once again freezing due to the air conditioning on the subway.  The next day I went back to Noir et Blanc to see if they had another of the same kind -- and yes they did. I scooped it up, hugged it and put it right on.  To this day, I have that jacket and wear it well and often.  I subsequently became a Noir et Blanc junky and have shopped there, and nowhere else, since. Kudos to Deborah and Karen for helping me to develop and embrace a totally new look and me!"


- Harriet Cohen

Hello from Iceland!


Could not miss talking about my favorite store and it's fabulous proprietor. Deborah's personality makes you feel at home immediately. She helps put together incredible, wearable outfits that keep the compliments coming. My style has been influenced strongly by Deborah's instinctive ability to discern what's makes you look fabulous!


Loving the store, loving Deborah can't be complete without loving all she has done for HOG. Her passion for the organization is inspiring.


Love you Deborah!!!!

- Beth Kempner


In 1994 Deborah launched Hearts of Gold. After being moved by the plight of the homeless people she began encountering in Madison Square Park, and near  her boutique, she resolved to do what she could to make “a small change” in the city’s homeless situation.
It wasa modest goal, but Deborah’s larger vision was anything but modest. What began as a one-woman operation aimed at making “a small change” is now a multifaceted organization that has so far helped over 20,000 homeless mothers and children transition from the city’s
shelter system to self-sustaining lives and permanent homes.

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