In GLAMOUR magazine's June 2006 Hero Issue, Deborah was featured as Soledad O'Brien's hero:

"Deb and I became friends after I hosted an event for her  organization, Hearts of gold, which helps homeless moms and children. I think I'm busy; Deb is absolutely unstoppable. She has a family and runs her own clothing boutique – on top of it all, she oversees every dime her charity gives out. And she doesn't just hand out money. If she hears that a child needs a new coat, she buys him one within 24 hours. Once, she found out that a mom in a shelter was moving with her kids into an apartment so she bought them bunk beds. There is no red tape, it's just Deb getting things done. We need a million more people like her in the world."

– Soledad O'brien, coanchor of CNN's American Morning

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